Monday, December 10, 2018

Best Whale Watch in Maui - Closer to Whales

Whale Watching Trip – The Maui Way

I know that when kids are asked: What’s the biggest mammal on earth? Most (if not all) of them would answer an elephant. Well, my 7-year old boy begs to differ. He would always say a somewhat peculiar answer – a whale. Technically, he’s right because it was neither specified if the mammal lives in land or water. But the point is – aside from him being a really bright fellow – he had the biggest fascination for whales. And as his mum, I just couldn’t stand back and watch him dream of them. So I decided to take him where he can see the biggest whales his eyes can ever set upon – Hawaii.

Oh, what a place. When our plane landed on Kahului Airport, a sunny, tropical paradise greeted our arrival. I made sure to bring my camera at the time (can’t waste any picture perfect moments). It was April and the island was just so alive with tourists like us. But despite the happy, outgoing aura, I noticed my son turning all silent. At first I thought that maybe it was because his dad could not come along due to work demands so I tried to give him a pat on the shoulder and said we’d come again together the next time. But to my surprise, he turned his head down and became all teary-eyed and I was like “Uh-oh. Maybe I did the wrong thing booking this trip.” But then, he clasped my hand and told me he can’t contain how happy and excited he was for his whale watching trip in the afternoon. That really pulled on my heartstrings.

We made reservations in advance. We booked for 2 Whale Watching Passes via Stardust Hawaii as per my good friend’s recommendation. It was surprisingly affordable! The prices varied according to the number of hours you’d like to watch. They have it for 90 minutes (an hour and a half) for only $39.99 – trip to the mall even costs more sometimes. But knowing that my son is a young enthusiast, I figured he’d want more time. So, I booked for a 2-hour watch and luckily got a nice discount! We only paid around $69 each (normally $80).

And lo and behold it was a great deal indeed. The experience made my heart jump a bit. It was terrifying and amazing all at the same time. We were super close (I swear) and every time the whale jumped out of the water it would tower several feet above our heads. Rest assured the boat was perfectly safe (and comfortable). Plus, it was not too crowded (around 40 people max) so everyone got to enjoy the amazing creature in close-view.

Best part is when I saw my son’s eyes shining with astonishment. That’s when I knew the trip was worth it. Although, I did embarrass myself (a bit) when I got told off by my young kid that I was wrong for telling him that it was a blue whale. He was like “Mum, don’t you know a Humpback when you see one? I seriously thought he had an early onset of his rebellious stage for that.
Two hours went by so fast but the memories (and awesome pictures) will be with me forever. It was a fun, educational, and happy experience the whole family can enjoy. Don’t forget to check it out for your next family trip!