Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maui Treasure Hunt - Best Adventure in Hawaii for your kids

Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure – the Best for your kids!

Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure  – ultimate adventure for your kids. One child 4 & under – FREE of charge with a paying adult. Pack the kids up, leave your worries at home, and let them join us in a true adventure while you enjoy your free time! Or come along!
Trip Highlights:
  • Enjoy an action-packed family tour with hiking, swimming (weather permitted), and more
  • Swim in a real nature river lagoon, fulfill fun tasks, and search for a hidden treasure
  • Follow a designed map with the whole family in mind

About Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure

Maui is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike – an ideal destination for families wanting to play together in the outdoors. We explore this friendly country through a multitude of activities: hiking in deep forests, swimming in a lagoon, crossing a river, searching for a treasure. Along the way, we visit such well-known parks and reserves as Maui central Valley.
It is definitely the most unique and the best kids activity on Maui! Fun for the whole family! Make the most of your family time outdoors on our Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure!  Our tour starts in beautiful nature, in deep Maui green forests with the most amazing sceneries. You and your children will have a fantastic time outdoors together! This is a real jungle adventure, so get ready to get wet and muddy. You will be hiking in woods, cross the river, swimming in a lagoon and fulfilling fun tasks, while searching for a treasure.  Your children will have a time of their lives. They will reveal the mystery of a lost treasure and will be the ones to find it. A great time for the whole family, guaranteed. No other activity like this anywhere else. Up to 3 hours of fun.

Facts and Requirements:

  • Level: moderate
  • Duration: 2.5 – 3 hrs
  • Length: 1.5-2 miles
  • Included: Backpack, snack (power bar, potato chips, juice, banana) and bottled water
  • Check In: Park n’ ride Kahului (Intersection of Highways 350 & 380) *SEE DETAILS BELOW, park your car for FREE
  • Time: 9:00 am and 1:00 pm Monday-Saturday
  • Restriction & Requirement: Children from 6 years and older. *Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult.This activity is intended for participants who are physically fit.  All participants must be able to squat down and up without any assistance by another person.  All participants must be able to walk without assistance which requires physical abilities similar to climbing and descending without the support of a handrail or other walking aid. If you have a problem walk on the stairs, this activity is not suitable for you. If you had a surgery shortly before the journey, you may set yourself into a high risk and you may also hinder the rest of the group.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY:  Associated with cancellation fee (terms and conditions), rescheduling 48 hr for all reservations, and 72 hours for groups of 6 or more.

Additional Information about Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure:

Shoes to Wear on our Tours?
Running shoes, water shoes or sports sandals. Your shoes may get muddy, dirty, and/or wet on any of our hikes.
Clothing for our Tours?
Shorts and short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts are best. If mosquitoes really bother you (your guide carries repellent), you could wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Also, you’ll want to wear your swimsuit so you can swim in the waterfall pools (optional).
Additional Items to Bring for the Day? 
Towel: Swimming is optional, Sunscreen: Helpful on any tour, Camera & Phone: Please bring a Ziploc or a plastic bag to prevent any damage from moisture. You are responsible for any personal equipment you choose to bring along. Therefore we can take photos during the tour you can purchase on CD or USB, or video on GoPro you can also purchase on DVD or Blu-Ray and you can order online or via phone. You can also rent GoPro camera from us.
What Does Stardust Hawaii Provide for the Day?
Water, Snacks, Backpacks, Ponchos, in case of rain, Insect repellent, if needed, And, of course, our guide to keep you safe.
Will There Be a Bathroom on the Trail?
No public restroom available. For that said, once we’re hiking, though, we head for the bushes, but if you’re uncomfortable using the bushes, please let your guide know before the hike begins so you can both decide what’s best for you.
Tipping your Guide
If you’re happy with your hike, a tip is always a good way to show your appreciation.

Pick-up Location and Driving Direction:

* Pick-up location in Kahului 
The Park & Ride meeting location is along a large concrete wall with a single row of parking facing Hwy 380 west of Hwy 311 just before entering Kahului.
GPS – No physical address, but it is at the Intersection of Highways 350 & 380.
Exact coordinates: 20 degrees, 52 minutes, 30 seconds north, 156 degrees, 27 minutes, 43 seconds west

From Wailea / Makena / Kihei – the South side of the island

Highway 31 (Pi’ilani Highway) – head north.
Follow airport signs to Kahului, bearing right onto Hwy 311.
After 10 minutes, look for big church (King’s Cathedral), then move into left lane.
Turn left onto Hwy 380 (Kuihelani Hwy).
Go 200 yards and turn right into “Park n’ Ride” commuter lot.
Park your car against a concrete block wall.

From Lahaina /Ka’anapali /Kapalua – the West side of the island

Head south on Highway 30 as if you’re going to Kahului Airport.
Turn right onto Hwy 380.
Five miles down 380 there’s a concrete block wall on left.
Turn left across highway into Park n’ Ride commuter lot against that wall.

Submarine Adventure with Stardust Hawaii

If you're one of the few who have been on a submarine, I'll bet it didn't have windows! Here's your chance to board a .5 million submarine, dive to a depth of 150 feet, and cruise around the ocean floor for an hour and see everything out there from the best vantage point possible. Sound exciting? A Maui submarine tour is!
During my first Maui submarine tour, I remember thinking how incredible it was to be down that deep for that long. I realized I was actually spending a part of my day on the ocean floor examining the sanctity of the underwater world, a world which had previously only been available to me via motion pictures or television. I remember thinking how wonderful it would be if every child could have this experience and they would be aware for the rest of their life that there was a marine world below the surface of the water that was happening every moment of the day just as they're lives were happening. Was I impressed with my first submarine tour? You bet, and I know you will be as well!
The climate-controlled cabin and giant viewing ports make your submarine tour below the surface both comfortable and interesting. You'll see hundreds and hundreds of fish and coral heads of all sizes and colors. Sometimes you'll see eels, rays and occasionally a shark. As you inch along the sea floor, more and more is revealed, color upon color, shape upon shape. During the winter months whales have swum into view. Each submarine tour is different, but each dive is exciting, informative and educational.
Great for kids