Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Maui Treasure Hunt Adventure - the best for your family on Maui!

Maui Treasure Hunt adventure

Forewarning: This blog is going to contain one muddy adventure!

When my mom asked me what I would like to have for my 11th birthday – I instantly knew the answer. No it wasn’t Disneyland (I’m not the type to like humanoid mice), I wanted to go somewhere that felt like a real jungle adventure. At first I said I wanted to go to the Amazon but of course no parent would permit that. We live in Pearl City, Hawaii, near the historical Pearl Harbor, so my dad suggested we should go to Maui instead. It has the jungle feel plus it’s not going to rob my father three months of his paychecks. So I was game, my two brothers were really happy to go as well.

This was going to be our first time on Maui as a family and because we don’t exactly know how to go about the place yet, we asked a tour company’s help. I really knew my mom was trying to give me the best time for my birthday and so she went ahead and booked us for a Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure! The word jungle really tugged on my adventurous spirit and I really wanted to jump up and down out of excitement.  My mom said they also had it in a Savanna version or you can enjoy it together with an Ocean Center Package (1 week free entrance) but since we’re only staying for a couple of days and a jungle adventure is what I came for in the first place, I decided to save the other two the next time we came to visit again.

It was fifteen minutes to 9:00 AM when we arrived at Park n’ Ride Kahului – the meet-up spot. The weather was perfect and my energy was so high I could hike for days. They gave us fair warning of the huge possibility that we’d get down and dirty (literally) so we had working clothes on. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t help the grin on my face from showing. Ready, set, and go! We’re off to start our family adventure.

We first did a bit of hiking through deep forests. The trail was not too long or too difficult; it was just about right to break out a good sweat – ideal for every member of the family to enjoy (even my 7-year old brother handled it splendidly!). The thrilling view of the towering trees and the natural sound of the forest were fascinating. The best part was having a goal to pursue. I felt like a real life treasure hunter: searching for clues, accomplishing tasks, and braving on waters. Because the weather was nice and sunny, we got to swim in a beautiful lagoon. That’s when I realized fresh water would win over pool water any time. We crossed a river and ventured into thicker greens. I was having the time of my life – and I was happy to see my sisters were too!

After a nice hike, we finally did it! We completed the hunt the moment we found the golden treasure chest! The contents of which I will not reveal (I don’t want to spoil the surprise) but it felt so fulfilling to have reached the goal.  I had an achievement photo taken with me and my family on it to commemorate the experience. And more than the treasure we found on the chest, that photo is what I treasured most. I still have it as a keepsake to remember my Maui trip with.

You must be wondering how old I am since I’m storytelling this experience as if I’m in my 90’s. Well, I’m not. I just turned 14 this year (would you find me on the picture?) and am looking forward to more Maui adventures! Maybe next time we’ll get to go on other tours as well. My mom is actually going deaf with my inquiries on when we’ll be going back so I think she’ll give up any time now. Well then, see you real soon Maui!

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