Monday, October 23, 2017

Maui Luxury tours - Discover Maui upcountry in style

Maui Luxury tours - Discover Maui upcountry in style

Ocean Vodka Distillery, Surfing Goat Dairy & Lavender Farm Tour

When visiting Maui, you just got to go on this tour. It is fun, exciting, educational, and a great place to relax and escape the bustling city life. Oh, and did I mention Vodka?

Yes, you heard it right. For the very first stop, we visited the Ocean Vodka Distillery and Farm. Here you can learn how tedious the distillation process can get (in all the best sense of the word) plus you get to see the breathtaking stretch of sugar cane that is processed to make our all-time favorite friend Vodka. How the machinery work is simply astounding and you’d be surprised to find out that everything runs on solar energy! Everything is made organic, and all ingredients handpicked even. You can be 100% sure that no pesticides or chemical substances are found on their produce. It’s inspiring to know that not all innovations are out to feed on Mother Nature. The nicest thing about this tour is that you get to go to the Martini garden where you can see fresh, local ingredients and get a taste of their delightful Vodka. But don’t just take my word for it, be sure to enjoy this firsthand.

 Ocean vodka Luxury tour

Next, we got to see the Surfing Goat Dairy farm. If you love cheese, you just got to go here – no kidding! You get to see adorable farm goats and get more acquainted on how the whole cheese process works. It’s informative and fun at the same time (made me want to feed the goats the entire day). A big bonus for this trip was meeting Charlie. He’s super cute and just plain irresistible. But don’t ask me why or who this intriguing Charlie is, get to meet him yourself!

 Goat farm luxury tour

I’m personally a romantic. So our next and final stop was really memorable for me – the Lavender Farm. Enjoy serene and tranquil sceneries by taking a Guided Walking Tour that typically takes around 30-40 minutes. They also offer a Guided Cart Tour but be sure to book in advance because these carts are pretty popular. Get to see the stunning fields of lavender that stretch far into the horizon. Feel free to enjoy it with a special partner too.

 Upcountry Lavender farm provided by Save on Maui

The tour ends with a delectable lunch set that is both filling and satisfying – definitely the best way to call it a day. Make sure to place an order for your lunch choice while making a reservation.  It is optional at extra cost.  This tour is a blast to experience by yourself but can be extra fun with family and friends. Get to experience the finest works of Mother Nature right here in Maui by taking this one-of-a-kind tour. You will definitely enjoy it – I sure did.

Make sure the tour is available before you come to Maui. Here is where you can check availability

Have fun and let me know how did you like it. Aloooooha.

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